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Health Events

Creating awareness about Health and hygiene is always a priority aim for Esma. She has conducted various Health camps by collaborating with social work and NGOs which has benefited the people at large. Natural Health, Yoga, fitness, etc. some of the interests.

Sports Events

Esma is keen in organizing sports tournaments in inter-school and state level. With a strong 10-year experience as a leader in various sports activities, Esma envisions to take sports to every sector of the society.

Environmental events

Environmental protection and development is an integral part of the organization. She has created world record events related to environment.

Fashion events

Esma lays a platform to bring out the unique fashions created by skilled designers across the society. By this, she motivates entrepreneurship among young skilled designers.


Business wants to educate, reward, motivate, celebrate, mark key milestones, manage organisational change or encourage collaboration. For this, Esma, closely works with companies to understand their needs and organize accordingly.


Identity for your business

Uplifting your brand identity to a whole new level to give you a business circle that elevates and inspires to grow more. The Motive of branding is to improve visibility. Esma converts your dreams into a solid reality that builds exceptional services and products.


through strong networking

The wide range of network with media companies and social media giants makes Esma one of the highly preferred media partner for the clients. Deep keyword analysis and thorough documentation are the unique approaches to promotions. Clients see a drastic growth in sales, after Esma's consulting.


of Industrial growth

With more than 5 years of experience creating documentaries, Esma plays a vital role in shaping some of the leading industries and corporates. The Documentaries gives a feeling of pride to the owner.


and PR

The powerful content development team works 24x7 in developing news content for your brand and publishes it across the leading channels. A careful analysis of the target audience is done to understand where, when and how advertising has to be done.



The Esma Events was founded in May 2018 Priyanka Eswaran with a 2 year strong experience in events administration, media and designing. The ESMA Events & Services is about “KLEPT”- Kairos, Logo’s, Ethos, Pathos and Topos based Success. The Esma's USP lies in its inventiveness and execution to establish noteworthy Brand Identity and impression for our customers.


To create a strong impact in the society by adding value through events and media.
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